ZAV-Pro v3 3Z-axis Edition

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Description of the 3D printer "ZAV-Pro v3 3Z-axis Edition"

The upgraded version of the ZAV-PRO V3 printer with a non-console table and three synchronized Z-axis screws. Material of the body: composite Printing area: 300x200x260 mm Rail guides: HIWIN MGN9H Control board: LERDGE-K with six TMC2209 drivers Plastic feeding mechanism: direct with a BMG feeder base Thermal barrier: full-metal titanium Printing from: USB flash drive or SD card Printing area lighting: single-color white LED
Technical specifications
Printing technology Modeling by deposition (FDM/FFF)
Number of print heads 1
Nozzle diameter, mm 0.4
Maximum build volume, mm 300x200x260 mm
Printing speed up to 100 mm/s
Platform With heating
Interfaces USB, Card Reader, WiFi
Display Yes
Materials ABS plastic
PLA plastic
Filament diameter, mm 1.75
Size, mm 432x366x463 (without cover)
The ZAV-Pro v3 3Z-axis Edition is an upgraded 3D printer featuring a non-console table and three synchronized Z-axis screws. It has a printing area of 300x200x260 mm and utilizes HIWIN MGN9H rail guides for smooth and precise movements. The printer's control board, LERDGE-K, is equipped with six TMC2209 drivers for efficient and accurate printing. The plastic feeding mechanism of the ZAV-Pro v3 3Z-axis Edition is direct and based on a BMG feeder, ensuring reliable filament delivery. The printer also features a thermally efficient titanium thermal barrier. Printing can be done from a USB flash drive or SD card, and the printing area is illuminated by a single-color white LED light. In terms of technical specifications, the ZAV-Pro v3 3Z-axis Edition utilizes modeling by deposition (FDM/FFF) technology. It has one print head with a 0.4 mm nozzle diameter. The maximum build volume is 300x200x260 mm, and the printing speed can reach up to 100 mm/s. The platform has heating capabilities to optimize print quality. The printer offers multiple interfaces for connectivity, including USB, Card Reader, and WiFi. It has a display for easy monitoring and control. Compatible materials for printing include ABS plastic, PLA plastic, flexible filament, nylon, and PETG. The filament diameter supported is 1.75 mm. In terms of dimensions, the ZAV-Pro v3 3Z-axis Edition measures 432x366x463 mm without the cover. The composite body construction ensures durability and stability during printing processes.

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