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Sapphire Pro

Desktop FDM 3D printer of personal class with CoreXY kinematics and a single direct extruder - a clone of BondTech BMG with dual drive. The standard configuration of the 3D printer comes with an open frame, but it is possible to install transparent acrylic panels for partial stabilization of background temperature. The worktable is equipped with heating. The printer has a function to resume printing after pauses or power outages. The onboard interface consists of a color touchscreen, USB port, and a MicroSD card slot.

ManufacturerShenzhen Twotrees Technology Co., Ltd.
Technical Specifications
Printing TechnologyMelted Deposition Modeling (FDM/FFF)
Number of Print Heads1
Nozzle Diameter, mm0.4
Build Area, mm235x235x235
Layer Thickness, mm0.1-0.4
InterfacesUSB, card reader
Display Yes
Types of MaterialsPlastic
MaterialsABS Plastic
PLA Plastic
Filament Diameter, mm1.75
SoftwareCura, 3DPrinterOS, Repetier-Host, and other slicers
Size, mm405x380x466
Weight, kg11.5 (net), 14 (gross)
Additional Parameters
Print Accuracy±0.05 mm
Positioning Accuracy0.01 mm (XY), 0.0025 mm (Z)
Hotend Temperatureup to 260°C
Platform Temperatureup to 100°C
Display3.5-inch color touchscreen
The "Sapphire Pro" 3D Printer is a desktop FDM 3D printer designed for personal use. It features CoreXY kinematics and a single direct extruder with a dual drive, which is a clone of the BondTech BMG extruder. The printer comes with an open frame, but it can be equipped with transparent acrylic panels for temperature stability. The worktable has a heating function, and the printer supports the ability to resume printing after pauses or power outages. The onboard interface includes a color touchscreen, USB port, and a MicroSD card slot for convenient operation. In terms of technical specifications, the printer utilizes the Melted Deposition Modeling (FDM/FFF) printing technology. It has a single print head with a 0.4mm nozzle diameter and offers a build area of 235x235x235mm. The layer thickness can be adjusted from 0.1mm to 0.4mm. The printer's platform is heated for improved print adhesion. It supports USB and card reader interfaces for file transfer, and the operation can be easily managed using the 3.5-inch color touchscreen display. The printer consumes various types of plastic materials, such as ABS, PLA, PETG, and SBS. It is compatible with 1.75mm filament diameter. As for software compatibility, the printer supports slicers such as Cura, 3DPrinterOS, Repetier-Host, and others, offering flexibility in choosing the preferred software for slicing and preparing 3D models for printing. In terms of dimensions, the "Sapphire Pro" measures 405x380x466mm and weighs 11.5kg (net) or 14kg (gross). It utilizes CoreXY kinematics, which ensures precise and reliable movement during printing. The printer achieves a print accuracy of ±0.05mm and a positioning accuracy of 0.01mm in the XY axes and 0.0025mm in the Z axis. The hotend can reach temperatures of up to 260°C, while the platform can be heated up to 100°C. Overall, the "Sapphire Pro" 3D Printer offers a range of features and capabilities suitable for personal use and small-scale 3D printing projects.

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