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Description of the 3D printer "FHZL PCM1800"

FHZL PCM1800 is a version of the industrial additive system PCM1200 with an enlarged build area of ​​1800x1000x700 mm. The equipment is used for 3D printing of foundry molds and cores made of polymer-sand mixtures. The technology is based on jet deposition of binders. In the case of PCM1800, four arrays with 1024 nozzles each are responsible for the deposition of binders, and the forming productivity reaches 147 liters per hour. Two interchangeable working tanks can be used to further increase productivity.

Technical specifications
Printing technologyPowder Binder Jetting (PBJ)
Build area, mm1800x1000x700
Layer thickness, mm0.2-0.5
Printing speed22 seconds/layer
Types of materialsOther
Additional parameters
Number of arrays and nozzles4x1024
Productivityup to 147 l/h
Accuracy±0.3 mm
Number of working tanks1 or 2
Binding materialsFuran resins
Main materialsQuartz, calcined, synthetic, chromite sand, and others
The FHZL PCM1800 3D printer is an industrial additive system developed by the Chinese company FHZL. It is designed for 3D printing of foundry molds and cores using polymer-sand mixtures. The printer utilizes the Powder Binder Jetting (PBJ) technology, which involves jet deposition of binders. One of the key features of the PCM1800 is its enlarged build area, measuring 1800x1000x700 mm. This allows for printing larger and more complex objects compared to its predecessor, the PCM1200. The printer utilizes four arrays, each equipped with 1024 nozzles, for the precise deposition of binders. This ensures high productivity, with a forming rate reaching up to 147 liters per hour. Additionally, the PCM1800 offers the flexibility of using one or two interchangeable working tanks, enabling continuous printing and increased productivity. In terms of materials, the PCM1800 can utilize a variety of sand types, including quartz, calcined, synthetic, and chromite sand. The binding materials used are furan resins, which provide strong adhesion and durability to the printed molds and cores. With a layer thickness ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 mm and a printing speed of 22 seconds per layer, the PCM1800 offers good precision with an accuracy of ±0.3 mm. Overall, the FHZL PCM1800 is a reliable and high-performance 3D printer suitable for industrial applications requiring the production of large-scale foundry molds and cores.

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