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Description of the 3D Printer "Elegoo Saturn 8K"

Elegoo Saturn 8K is an upgraded version of the desktop photopolymer 3D printer Saturn with an updated curing module: the resolution of the monochrome matrix has been increased from 4K to 8K, with an enlarged build volume from 192x120x200 mm to 219x123x210 mm and a reduced pixel size from 50 μm to 28.5 μm. The device relies on LCD-based Masked Stereolithography technology with LED backlighting and is designed to work with various photopolymer resins optimized for UV curing with a wavelength of 405 nm. The curing module consists of a LED array of twenty-eight emitters with biconvex lenses, reducing light scattering and improving contrast.

Technical Specifications
Printing TechnologyLCD Stereolithography
Build Area, mm219x123x210
Layer Thickness, mm0.01-0.2
Printing Speed30-70 mm/h (on the Z-axis)
Display Yes
Consumable Materials
Material TypesPhotopolymer
MaterialsPhotopolymer Resin
Size, mm280x240x462.5
Weight, kg11 (net)
Additional Parameters
Mask Type10-inch Monochrome LCD
XY Resolution7680x4320 (8K)
Z-axis Positioning Accuracy0.00125 mm
Pixel Size28.5 μm
Wavelength405 nm
Layer Curing Time1-3 s
Display3.5-inch Touchscreen
The Elegoo Saturn 8K is an advanced tabletop photopolymer 3D printer with upgraded features. It incorporates an improved curing module with a monochrome matrix resolution of 8K, resulting in higher print quality. The build volume has also been increased, providing a larger working area for printing objects. Additionally, the pixel size has been reduced, further enhancing the level of detail that can be achieved. This printer utilizes LCD-based Masked Stereolithography technology, which employs LED backlighting. It is compatible with a variety of photopolymer resins specially formulated for UV curing with a wavelength of 405 nm. The LED array in the curing module consists of twenty-eight emitters with biconvex lenses, optimized to minimize light scattering and maximize contrast. In terms of technical specifications, the Elegoo Saturn 8K offers precise and efficient printing capabilities. The layer thickness can be adjusted between 0.01 mm and 0.2 mm, allowing for versatility in print quality. The printing speed ranges from 30 to 70 mm/h along the Z-axis. The printer is equipped with a USB interface for seamless connectivity. The Elegoo Saturn 8K supports the use of various photopolymer materials, with photopolymer resin being the recommended type. The printer is bundled with ChiTuBox software, which offers user-friendly controls and facilitates the preparation of 3D models for printing. With dimensions of 280 mm x 240 mm x462.5 mm, the Elegoo Saturn 8K is a compact and space-efficient printer. It weighs 11 kg (net), making it easily transportable when necessary. Additional parameters of the Elegoo Saturn 8K include a 10-inch monochrome LCD mask, providing excellent image quality. The XY resolution is 7680x4320 (8K), ensuring precise and detailed prints. The Z-axis positioning accuracy is an impressive 0.00125 mm. The pixel size is 28.5 μm, contributing to the printer's ability to replicate intricate designs accurately. The layer curing time is between 1 and 3 seconds, allowing for efficient print progress. The printer features a 3.5-inch touchscreen display for intuitive navigation and control. Overall, the Elegoo Saturn 8K is a high-quality and versatile 3D printer suitable for personal use. Its advanced features and impressive specifications make it a valuable tool for various applications, ranging from prototyping to small-scale production.

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