Anicubic Mega-S

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Description of the 3D printer "Anicubic Mega-S"

It is worth noting the sufficient print area for budget printers, which is 210x210x205 mm. Good printing speed, which reaches 100 mm/sec with optimal settings and the use of PLA plastic. The extruder heats up to 260 degrees, and the working surface of the bed heats up to 110 degrees. This allows you to work with a wide range of filaments, such as PLA, ABS, WOOD, Flex, and others. The construction itself is delivered half-assembled, but assembly will not be difficult even for beginners. The whole process will take about 10 minutes, just connect the wires and tighten 8 bolts strictly according to the images in the instructions. After that, calibration can be done and you can start working. Among the technical features to consider when choosing this model: The surface of the bed is covered with glass using the unique Ultrabase technology, and special perforated coating provides adhesion. This means that the first layer sticks firmly during printing, and the finished cooled elements can be easily removed. The rigid construction of the case and reliable fastening of all technical units eliminate any backlash. The filament runout sensor pauses the print, and it is possible to resume printing when loading a new filament spool. The LCD touch screen display is positioned at an angle, so there is no need to lean down towards it. It has a convenient and intuitively understandable interface that can be mastered by even beginners. For those who engage in customizing and take this device with the goal of achieving improved printing by installing additional equipment, there are ports for connecting a second extruder. Moreover, the model has the same parts and modification possibilities as its predecessor, allowing experienced users to create a true "monster" of 3D printing. Minimum layer thickness is 0.5 mm. The internal technical equipment is also well thought out, so if any part fails, it will not be necessary to replace the entire motherboard. The feeding mechanism is improved in this modification. It now uses a "Titan" type, which allows for increased torque and precise filament feeding.
Technical Specifications
Printing TechnologyFused Deposition Modeling (FDM/FFF)
Number of Print Heads1
Nozzle Diameter, mm0.4
Maximum Build Area, mm210x210x205
Layer Thickness, mm0.5
Printing Speed20-100 mm/s
BedWith heating
InterfacesUSB, Card Reader
MaterialsABS plastic
PLA plastic
PVA plastic
Nylon 6
Filament Diameter, mm1.75mm
Size, mm405x410x453
Weight, kg11

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